Coats for men, how to choose?

The first thing you notice the winter? The coat, of course, that highlights your style and your personality. It must be beautiful, warm, practical and suitable to your lifestyle. How to choose it? We have selected a few models who won’t let you ice.


Designer Louise Labrecque, it is important for men to choose their coat Canada goose Outlet according to their lifestyle. “The choice will be different if we move by metro or by car on a daily basis, just as if you’re wearing a jacket under the coat or a sweater”, explains the Director of the canada goose toronto Academy with style.


There is a must: the classic coat of wool called the coat or overcoat. “It’s a classic that can be worn at any time, the day, the evening, Canada goose Sale with a jacket or a pair of jeans,” says the designer. There are different cuts, more curved, wider, more long, with beautiful linings, single or double breasted, with asymmetrical zipper…

“This year, we see a lot of gray, blue and Navy Blue, and prince of Wales Plaid,” notes Louise Labrecque which reminds canada goose outlet the peacoat style marine, shorter, version double placket, back in force this year.

To confront our winters, the parka by sportier version, is also a centerpiece of great utility to have flawless in her wardrobe.
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‘[The parka] can have a cap with or without fur, it can be quilted or not, canada goose mens jacket can now wear it with everything, and especially the color dare!’ says Louise Labrecque.


Read the label to check the composition of the mantle is always very useful to not have bad surprises. “The ideal is to have 70% of wool, canada goose outlet toronto which is going to be a warm coat, and 30% of synthetic fibers that will strengthen the wool. The Woolmart logo is a guarantee of quality. Composed of 100% Virgin wool coats are also a good buy,”notes the stylist.

She warns against so-called “wool of the poor”, acrylic. “It should be avoided. Acrylic, it is a fiber that glitters and which Pilling, this isn’t really sustainable,”says Louise Labrecque.

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